Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Get Ready to Get Crafty, Rocky River!

Meet Kat from Kat Jewelry Design...
I'm a jewelry artist working in chainmail, stone cutting, and silver work. I graduated with my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a degree in jewelry design in 2010 and started making woven-wire and chainmail jewelry shortly after. Currently, I'm taking classes on gemstone identification, and hope to get my Graduate Gemologist degree in 2017. After that, I plan to work in the gem and jewelry industry and keep my design and craft work on the side as a hobby. This will be one of many Avant-Garde shows I've participated in!
I believe creative output requires creative input. I spend all day every day listening to music, reading books, seeing art and craft in my calendar, from my friends, and on the web. When I get an idea, it's sort of random because it's come together from dozens of stimuli. If I can, I'll draw it out, but I've found that sometimes the best way to work is to experiment with the material itself, and working out the details as you go. 
I believe somewhat in the idea that "the clothes make the man." The jewelry you choose to wear sends a message about who you are to anyone who sees you. I'm making the kind of jewelry that I like to wear, and I'm trying to do so with materials at a cost level that someone like me can afford to wear. 

Meet Simone from Simi Lindsay...
I have always been very interested in arts and crafts and was inspired by another candle maker in Pennsylvania. I wanted to create candles with unique scents and with the environment in mind. Simi Lindsay was founded in 2015, and this will be the company's third Avant-Garde show!
All of the candles are made with 100% natural eco say wax, a natural wooden wick or 100% cotton wick, and high quality fragrance oils, assuring you receive a cleaner burning, longer lasting, richly scented soy candle. Additionally, all of our soaps are sulfate free and free of color. We also offer unique home decor that is hand-painted with chalk paint and other mediums.
My creative process involves hand-selecting each fragrance and developing candles that are completely handcrafted. My message is to create clean, eco-friendly products that people can enjoy. 

Meet Jan from Elegant Egg Creations...
45 years ago, a family member of mine saw an egg artistry show at the Holiday Inn Airport in Pennsylvania. She was so enthused by the idea, that she decided the two of us had to explore it! There happened to be an advertised class held in Lorain, teaching this art. The first egg I made was a decoupage egg. I then learned how to create diorama scene's inside of the eggs. This will be my first Avant-Garde show!
Through the years, I have taken many seminars to learn new techniques and applications. In terms of my creative process, most of the time, I sketch a basic design of my thoughts to start, then I build on it. I like to do some decoupage items as they can be used in their entirety or portions of more intricate designs. I also enjoy pulling other craft techniques into this artistry, such as oil, watercolor, and acrylic painting. 
Egg art is a constant growing and educational process. There is always something new to learn and observe. I would love to have the opportunity to help future egg artists learn this faberge style of egg art form. The message behind my work is that your imagination is unlimited, and that you can be a collector and a creator. 

Meet Monica from Triple C Sweets... 
I'm Monica and I am half of a mother-daughter duo with a love for sweets. Our duo has been in the kitchen baking, cooking, and creating goodies made with love with our moms and aunts since we were young. This will be our 6th Avant-Garde show we've participated in! 
The other half of the duo, Sandy, took a candy making class, and I have taken several cake decorating classes over the years. We have both always loved to be in the kitchen creating sweet treats. After our respective classes, we were hooked! 
No matter what event we are baking for, we love to incorporate a special item for an event into our treats. We create by trying new things, like recipes or designs. We have tried many different ideas that seemed perfect in our minds, but didn't work out as well in real life. Luckily, we have great taste testers around us! In five years, we see ourselves doing this as a full-time business!
2016 Rocky River Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sat. March 19th (10am-5pm) & Sun. March 20th (11am-5pm)
Rocky River Memorial Hall (Next to Rec)
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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