Friday, April 20, 2018

Dont Miss it! Rocky River Show is this Weekend!

Meet David Spigiel from Transfigure Trees...
My name is David Spigiel, and I have lived in Northern Northeast Ohio all my life. I am married, with three grown children. I retired some years ago after working for 32 years. 
I've been wood turning since September 2017. This will be my first Avant Garde art and craft show! Inspiration for my work comes from the outcome of the transfiguration of dead trees into exquisite pieces of art. The unexpectedness of how the wood grains and natural blemishes reveal themselves, and help me to create a unique piece every time. I got into this hobby because we live on a larger tree lot and I had an older lathe. I wanted to use the word for something other than the fire pit. I was amazed at the outcomes, and how I so naturally took to it. That is how I discovered my talent.

My family and friends greatly encouraged me to sell my pieces, which had been only given as wedding, birthday, thank you gifts, and the like. My creative process involves choosing a piece of wood for the size and length for what I wish to make (bowl, candlestick, vase, lamp, etc.). I create based on the unique natural shape of the wood. If the bark is interesting, I leave it. If the grains are spectacular, I'll showcase those. The wood guides me, as much as I guide the wood. I will continue wood turning as long as I am able, as I enjoy this. I hope my pieces make people happy and give them a better appreciation of nature.

Meet Kili from My Turquoise Kitten...
Ive always been a creative child, with a passion for color and design. No matter where i ended up in life, art was always a constant. I opened My Turquoise Kitten a year and a half ago, but crafting... since FOREVER! This will be my second Avant-Garde show. Life inspires me. What makes us happy? How can my pieces be conversation starters? I got into my hobby from a woman who made beaded bracelets and I was inspired. I knew I had the creative aptitude just didn't know that I could share it with others! 
My entire inventory is based from fun and function. Whats cute but still functional. I am inspired by real life things and situations.  I like comics but I'm always toting something around. Comic page inspired tote bags. Fun foods... wear em! I'm always observing and pitting something together. 
Within the next five years I hope to expand. Expansion! Being an amazon seller has allowed me to reach people all over the country with my amazing products. I would love to open a small retail space in the future. My message behind my work is, "accessorize better, laugh and have fun!"

Meet Edy Seaman from Long Way Home Studios...
Hi there! My name is Edy Seaman and I am a native of Canton, Ohio. I am fortunate enough to call myself the proud parent of four incredible children ranging in age from 16 to 31. My handsome and sweet husband and I have been married for 33 amazing years. 
I have been a maker of things for as long as I can remember. From scrap paper pompoms in the back of my parents printing shop to the lovely glass and metal jewelry I create now. My hands have to always be making something. My creative journey has led me in many directions but I always seem to end up back at personal adornment. After owning Edybeady’s Bead Shoppe and Terra Potta Pottery Studio for seven years, I have returned to full time work in my studio, Long Way Home Studios. Not only am I producing new and exciting things there but am using it as a place to teach, share and inspire other creative souls.
My work is comprised of ideas, techniques and skills acquired over the past 35 years of creative exploration. My approach to jewelry at this point in my creative life is simple yet beautiful and easy to wear. Jewelry should not be high maintenance. The products shown in the photos are made using the techniques of lampworking, enameling and metal-smithing. I combine different materials and techniques in much of my work. This Will be my second Avant-Garde Arts and Crafts show and I am really excited to participate.

Meet Miriam Hall from Emme's Zanny Plants...
My name is Miriam Hall and I absolutely love succulents! Science and nature have always fascinated me but plants are especially dear to me. Growing up in Latin America and having lived in several states in the US has allowed me to experience such a variety of plant life; going from the tropics of the Amazon and the Rainforest in Costa Rica to the desert areas of California and the beauty of the four seasons in the Midwest. The thing about succulents that is so amazing to me is their ability to stay alive through the harshest conditions. Recently my mom and dad were working in Brazil in the Sertão, a semi-arid region about 1.5 times larger than the state of Texas, and my dad sent me a picture of a cactus flower growing right out of the ground.
This is my first Avant-Garde Show, in fact, its my first art and craft show ever. I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts, painting, drawing, crocheting, woodworking, etc. In 2017 my mother-in- law was given a succulent garden arrangement that was so unique and creative and that was when I got hooked! Shopping at thrift stores throughout the central Ohio area looking for containers that will highlight succulent arrangements has become quite an adventure that has become a whole family affair. I have no idea how long this journey will last but I look forward to every minute of it.

2018 Rocky River Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show

Sat. April 21 (10am-5pm) & Sun. April 22 (11am-5pm)
Rocky River Memorial Hall (Next to Rec)
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Avant-Garde Show Returns to Rocky River!

Meet Bonnie Rubin from Butterfly Bean Studio...
I am Bonnie Rubin, better known as Butterfly Bean and I love to live with wild abandon!! My life is filled with family and good friends and sharing creativity is a passion of mine. I have been told that I am free-spirited and adventurous. I love to dance, laugh, travel and sleep under the stars. My clothes are colorful and so is my artwork. Color makes me happy and I never can pick a favorite. I have always loved to doodle and mix patterns. Being an artist is truly my authentic self.
I have been in and out of crafting and craft shows all my life. I started selling hand-painted t-shirts in college. Craft shows have always been my passion and go to in times of transition but it is now going to be my primary source of income.

I am inspired by colorful papers, nature, life reflections and making people happy. I have always been artistic, loved to doodle and do art in school. Really, I discovered my talent from my doodles! To describe my creative process, sometimes I am frenetic; I see something I like and I scramble to make it! Other times I am methodic, other times it is purely organic and it just happens! In five years I'd like to be traveling around the country in my camper, doing craft shows.
BB Studio offers functional layered mixed media collage and repurposed vintage finds. BB Studio transforms, re-invents and re-imagines. The goal is to give new life to regular everyday items, turning them into practical pieces of useable art. Free spirited as the butterfly, each piece evolves into something unique and individual like the person waiting to find it. Reflective and spontaneous, Butterfly Bean Studio creations are happy and playful. They will take you on a personal journey and make you smile! Special projects are encouraged. If you can imagine it, I will find a way to create it!

Meet Katherine Baker from Catch a Dream...
Hello! My name is Katie, I'm a free spirit and hippie at heart! I always look at the brighter side of things-my motto is-"it could always be worse." I live to adventure outside and travel-taking photographs is another huge passion of mine. I'm super blessed with an amazing family, boyfriend and friends-life is good. I'm also a proud cat Mom.
I've been making my dreamcatchers for about 4-5 years now, but this will be my first craft show EVER. I'm so excited to share them with other people-and I hope they make everyone as happy as they make me. Each one I make is unique and one of a kind-the Halloween ones are my favorite though. The next step for my little business is an Etsy shop-can't wait to see you all! Never stop dreaming!

Meet Sonja Jones from The Pup Artist...
Hi, I'm Sonja Jones, and I'm primarily a wildlife artist.  Currently I live in the Cleveland area, but I've lived all over Ohio and the Midwest.  We in the Midwest are so blessed with beautiful parks and nature areas, especially here in Cleveland. I love to draw inspiration from the wildlife that surrounds me here, often right in my backyard.  I think nature is a place we can all go for solace and peace; and not just wildlife, but even our pets bring us that special kind of comfort.  As a wildlife and pet portrait artist, I try capture and bring home for my clients some of nature's comfort.  
I've been a painter for most my life, but in my earlier days it was houses that were my canvas - I started working in my parent's paint contracting business at age 14!  So I guess that's where I developed my sense of color and fine line work. It was the Christmas gift of an art sampler set a few years back, however, that shrunk my canvas; and now the days feel empty if I'm not engaged in some sort of artistic project! I work in acrylic, watercolor, and ink, and am experimenting with a variety of substrates. 'm excited to be showing my work, and I hope you'll stop by my booth to visit!

Meet Monica Horner from Triple C Sweets...
Our names are Sandy and Monica. We are a Mother-Daughter duo with a love for sweets. Sandy is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 6, who has been retired for 8 years. Monica is a mother of a 5 year old, as well as a Step-Mother to 12 & 13 year olds., who also has a full-time office job. We have both been baking in the kitchen and creating goodies from love with our mom and aunt's recipes since we were young.
This will be our 11th Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show! Whether it is the design on a Bride’s dress, school colors for the Graduate going off to college or even an edible image of the Birthday person, we love to incorporate a special item for an event into treats.
We have always loved to be in the kitchen creating sweet treats. In her 20’s, Sandy took a candy making class. Monica has also taken cake decorating classes through the years. After our classes, we were hooked. We discovered our talent by feedback from friends & family. We are creative by trying something new, i.e. a new recipe or design. We have tried many different ideas that sounded perfect in our heads. But, did not quite workout how we expected in real life. Luckily, we have great taste testers around us. 

In five years, we would like to be doing this as our full-time job. Let us make something sweet for your next event or to satisfy your sweet tooth!

2018 Rocky River Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sat. April 21 (10am-5pm) & Sun. April 22 (11am-5pm)
Rocky River Memorial Hall (Next to Rec)
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's go time, Rocky River!

Meet Julie Blake from Mae's Boutique...
Hi, I'm Julie Blake, owner of Mae's Boutique. I discovered a passion for sewing about 4 years ago as a creative outlet by making baby items for friends and family. In January of this year I officially launched my own business and website. It's been an amazing journey balancing a regular career, family and owing a personal business. A big thank you to my family for their support and chipping in to help!  

Mae's Boutique offers handmade baby items. Our slogan, "Spit Up Happens! Make it fun!"
That's what I offer! Fun and functional baby items for mom's to enjoy! I have burp cloths, bandana bibs, traditional bibs, taggies and the most amazing Minky blankets! I pride my work on offering soft, high quality products that will look beautiful and last! 
Please check out my products at

Meet Barbara Hubert from Eagle Wings Art...
Hi! My name is Barb Hubert and I've been retired for about 5 years now. I took up watercolor to give me something to do with myself, and I fell in love with art! After just 1 year with a friend/teacher, I took off and now after only5 years and never painting a day before that, have over 300+ original watercolor paintings, mixed media paintings, plus prints of  my paintings and print blanks notecards.

I feel this is a gift that God has given me, so I give back to Him! 40% of my profits go to help The Cleveland Pregnancy Center or the Bible League Int'l. I love painting, using different mediums, like real leaves, salt, saran wrap, and love to experiment! I am inspired by all  of nature around me and I marvel at the works of God! I always, always have a painting in progress, usually 2 or 3! You will find birds, animals, owls, landscape, children's art, florals, modern and abstract art.
I am also now offering to paint your home in a winter scene, in watercolor called "Pen and Wash"! For my Ohio State Fans, I'll add a Buckeye Flag or any favorite sport flag ($5 extra) to your painting! Take advantage of my free set of 5 blank notecards with $30 purchase! I have beautiful summer/fall/winter/ and Christmas blank notecards for sale and (I've started a new section to my art, which I call "Scripture Options" with some of my paintings including gold with black plaques inscribed with inspirational scripture! Ask me about them!

Meet Michelle Hritz from Sweet Revolution! LLC...
Hi! My name is Michelle! This is a second career for me, I started out as a commercial interior designer.  I would supply large corporate offices with miles and miles of cubicles as well as other furniture.  I have always been baking, first as a hobby, took some classes and decided this is what I wanted to do for a living.  Took the leap to change careers found my first commercial baking job shortly after leaving the design world.  Learned so much working there as well as a cake shop then had the opportunity to move on to a higher volume bakery, Luna Bakery Café,  where I eventually worked my way up to Executive Pastry Chef.  After working my way up, learning every step of the way, I thought it was now time to launch my own baking business!  Thus the creation of Sweet Revolution!
I have actually had this business since 2013 on a part time basis but I just launched it full time this year in August. This will be my first Avant-Garde show, but as a lover of the arts I have been to the shows before as a visitor.

 The endless possibilities out there are what inspire me to create!  I could literally bake all day and night just testing out new flavors and combinations of things, there is so much out there to try and never enough time to do it all!
I have always been a creative, artistic person and started out with cakes from a box and frosting from a can for my Mom’s birthday when I was a kid.  Then moved on to cookies for Christmas, every Christmas for many years now.  Now moving on to all types of desserts and treats!

Once I took some cake decorating classes, my instructor noticed, and offered to have me come work with her at a local bakery she worked at part time.  From the first step into the commercial kitchen I was hooked!
I always strive to make from scratch items with a creative twist.  Everyone makes chocolate chip cookies and vanilla cupcakes I want to bring something different to the market with fresh, real ingredients. In 5 years I hope to be the owner of a storefront of some type where I can incorporate art and pastry.

The message behind my work would be that it is all from scratch, always fresh baked, and down home with a modern twist

2017 Rocky River Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sat. Nov. 18 (10am-5pm) & Sun. Nov 19 (11am-5pm)
Rocky River Memorial Hall (Next to Rec)
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rocky River Show Sneak Peek!

Meet George Janca from Heirlooms to Be...
Lifelong Ohio resident, retired July, 2015.  Masters in Finance and that is pretty much the work that I did for 35 years.  Creating with my hands appeals to me, as I’m able to share the beauty of things one is able to see and feel as opposed the concepts surrounding abstract numbers, which was my work.

I have my Mom and Dad to thank for stimulating an interest in wood burning, wood carving, and basket weaving using Florida pine needles and raffia from Afghanistan and teenie pine cones from Australia.  My folks wintered in Florida for many years and I always looked forward to those ‘leave the snow behind’ visits to them.  We spent hours learning about making things, shelling, collecting fossilized shark teeth and…playing bingo!
The creative pursuits began about 30 years ago and, before retirement, were sporadic at best.  The dolphins and birds, baskets and ornaments crafted were gifted to family and friends.  I will continue to learn and carve and wood burn in the future.  Through time, working with wood surfaced as my preference and, combined with a love for Christmas, resulted in focusing on ornaments.  Wood carving and wood burning and painting…this has become my favorite ‘making things art’ and I will continue to experiment, exhibit and expand in the future.

My Dad taught me basket weaving and I still have a video of him demonstrating the craft.  The baskets here will be the final editions for me…the weaving requires time, patience and really good eyesight and well…. you understand, I am sure.

I have my oldest daughter to thank for inspiring any painting that I have done (she teaches art at a local high school, is very talented and practiced in the arts.  She is a grand teacher).
The message behind the work is simple…to enjoy the beauty of God’s gifts from nature through the transformation of a branch or block of wood into an object that provides joy and peace visually and tangibly.

Meet Judy and Steve Brackenrich from Judy's Jewelry Basket...
My wife, Judy, and I have been at this a few years now. She has been collecting and repurposing vintage jewelry since the seventies. I have been working in silver smithing and the art of creating for about six years now, prior to that my creativity was devoted to painting.
We have both been retired for about 5 years now, so we enjoy our time collecting, creating, and doing the craft show circuit. In particular the Advant-Garde shows.  I don't know the exact amount of Advant-Garde shows we have attended, but it's close to 10. 
We have several categories where we primarily concentrate our creative thought processes. They are repurposing vintage jewelry, broken china jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, and steampunk.  A lot of our creations are a collaborative process. I'll start a design and Judy will add more defining features and vice versa. We truly enjoy what we do and are having tons of fun in the process.

Meet Cindy Hudson from Grandma's House
I was in the third grade, drawing on a piece of scrap cardboard, when my great aunt (an accomplished artist) exclaimed “She’s an artist!”  From that day forward I felt creatively validated .  Additionally, in the rural Amish community where I spent my childhood, girls were expected to learn to sew.  Thanks to my patient mother, it’s a gift for which I’m ever grateful.
Today, working for American Greetings, I am surrounded by tremendous art and creative gifts which feed my soul daily.  I continue to write, draw, sew, craft, and any other pursuit that stimulates my creative muse.  In fact, I’ve been teased that I am incapable of sitting still – my hands must be moving at all times!

I currently live on the west side of Cleveland, work full time for American Greetings and enjoy my sweetheart, my Mom, sisters, sons, their families and my grandsons. Warning – do not ask me about them – I will pull out an abundance of photos!
I am also a freelance writer working through an author brokerage. My artwork has been featured on the Today Show and displayed in juried art shows.  I have created various custom commissioned pieces of art and am happy to discuss any personal art requests.

This is my first show and I hope everyone enjoys my work so I can meet everyone again at future Avant-Garde events!

Meet Theresa Solt from SweetTee Creations
My name is Theresa Solt, I live in North Olmsted. I started crafting at a young age. I like doing anything from crocheting, jewelry making, scrap booking, card making. 
Now that I found vinyl I can't stop! Everything from Iron-ons , glass etching, ornaments, water bottles to GLASS BLOCKS!! 
I was gently nudged by a friend to sell my glass blocks at craft shows. This is my first season for selling and I am very excited to start. I am hoping to increase my sales so I can work less at my daytime job. I feel like I was created to create! It makes me happy to make things and I hope my creations make others happy too!

2017 Rocky River Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sat. Nov. 18 (10am-5pm) & Sun. Nov 19 (11am-5pm)
Rocky River Memorial Hall (Next to Rec)
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

One More Day to Go!

Meet Kim Gates from My Honey Bee Sign Shop...
My name is Kim Gates and I am the owner of ‘My Honey Bee Sign Shop’. I create handmade decorative signs from repurposed wood. I am the wife of a military veteran and mother of 4 children, one of which has special needs. By having my sign shop, working from home, and making my own hours, I am blessed to be able to attend all the doctor appointments my son requires, without it interfering with a normal 9-5 job. When I am not making signs, I like to design cakes for family and friends, dabble in photography, and camp with my family.

I have been making signs since last summer but I have been crafting my whole life. I’ve been told that I have never met a stranger. I just love meeting new people and making friends and I have found that craft shows are a perfect way for me to do this. I have a bubbly personality and I hope that shines through when I first meet someone but more importantly I hope it is reflected in my work.
I am inspired to create signs because it makes me happy to design custom pieces for others. I know that they won’t be able to buy these one-of-a-kind signs in any store. When I see their reactions to the finished products it reminds me of why I love doing this. My signs do not look like they have come off an assembly line at a manufacturing facility. They are truly each unique and all made with love. I have also realized that painting helps me to relax and relieve stress. It is like my own version of an adult coloring book. ;)

I made a campfire sign for the campground I was staying at with my family and friends last summer. My friend encouraged me to make more and sell them to other campers. I wasn’t yet convinced that I was good enough to sell them. Then in the fall I made reversible scarecrow/snowman signs for myself and that same friend. She starting showing others the sign and created a buzz. I kept hearing from her that if I made more, people would be interested in buying them. This finally is what encouraged me to start making several different signs to sell and that is when ‘My Honey Bee Sign Shop’ was born.

If I see something that I like either online  or in a craft store, I look at it differently than some people. I think about how it is made and how I can put my own little spin on it. And if I really like the idea then I am compelled to make it. I also love having several projects going at once. Can you tell that I am impatient?? Making multiple signs in various stages allows me to work on them simultaneously.

My five year goal.. I would love to have a permanent spot for my sign shop where I can display my signs and help grow my business. I believe that how you display your crafts at a show is almost just as important as the actual craft. I want to create a fun space for my customers that will get them excited about my sign shop and want to tell others about it. I believe the best type of advertising is by word of mouth.

Meet Celeste Martin from Creations by Celeste...
I have been a jewelry artist selling in Cleveland for 20 years now who is switching gears… I am currently launching a new textile collection at the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows! CbyC T-Skirts…Fun*Funky*Affordable

Vintage t-shirts and designer fabrics are used to make these one of a kind upcycled skirts.  I am the designer and creator who sources the vintage T’s and modern fab fabric but I can also create custom T-Skirts because everyone has a t-shirt they no longer wear but can’t throw away!  My current line is adult size XS, S, M, L, the price point is $45.00 for just t-shirt material and $60.00 for t-shirt and designer fabric.
As a jewelry designer I used my creative energy to breathe new life into beautiful bits and pieces of jewelry from the past.  Now sewing takes her back to my youth and I can’t sleep at night wanting to make more T-Skirts a wearable and affordable work of art.

CbyC T-Skirts for the woman who appreciates something special and unique! 

Meet Mari Dickson from Liquid Kitten Designs...
I am a native of Maumee, Ohio, but I've lived in Cleveland for the past 16 years. My degree is in fine art, but I work full time in health care technology. Activities outside of the regular workday have always focused on filling that need to create! A wife and mother of an 8-year old girl, Mallory. I first learned about dyeing textiles in college and also while an art teacher at a school for the deaf in Ghana, when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there from 1999-2001.
My daughter and I started tie-dyeing about 4 years ago, when she was just 4 years old. Just this year, I decided it would be a great experience for Mallory and me to expand our hobby into a business. I am always experimenting with different media. I paint, I knit, I took up ceramics a few years ago... But with tie-dyeing, it was the comments of others upon seeing an article of clothing we'd dyed together that got me thinking this might be something to expand.
When it comes to inspiration.. I can't pinpoint a single inspiration that motivates me... The older I get, the more I realize that creating is a part of who I am, and that when I'm actively incorporating the creation of art into my life, I feel much more calm and satisfied with life. 

One of my favorite parts of this medium is the color. I can spend hours studying the colors of the dye and deciding what variations to mix and put together. 
I don't think this will become my full-time work, but I hope 5 years from now, the work and income and inspiration is still coming, through both online and face-to-face sales. And I see my daughter growing into this with me, learning not only about business but about the benefits of taking a step back from the rush of life to just relax and create.

I'm not sure there's a succinct or philosophical message behind my work, but my hope is that the work brings joy to others, just as the act of creating it brings joy to me (and my daughter, too!). I also hope that people see that tie-dye can be for more than just hippies at a music festival!

Meet Michael Watson from Gift'd Expressions...
My name is Michael David Watson, I am a Cleveland native and a devoted husband and Father of three. I attended the Cleveland institute of art, where i discovered my call to ministry, graduating from Rhema Bible college with an associates degree in Pastoral Ministry in 2008.
I have been painting since i was a little boy. I watched Bob Ross on Sunday mornings, and learned to immulate his techniques. I didnt truly come into my own unique expression until high school where i developed a successful portrait business. I stopped painting due to illness in 2004 and only recently started painting again and selling my work online in 2014.

I feel that i am inspired by God, and a lot of my work is prophetic in nature, meaning it captures and extends the heart of God to the world through a pure artistic filter. These expressions tend to be biblical in nature as I am strongly inspired during worship and in the presence of God.

I often visualize a finished project before i completely dedicate myself to conceptualizing an idea and then bringing said idea to life. Because of this, i view my process as more of a translating of images and ideas into sketch, capturing the inspiration of the moment, later expanding my study to a finished work on canvas.

Other times I like to listen to worship music while i paint in a more spontaneous fashion, finding most of my brush strokes and gestures being formed by the rythm, praise, and dance. This method of painting is equally essential as part of my Craft is live painting in church worship settings.

My five year goal... I would Love to see myself expanding the shop and potentially traveling with my wife taking Gifted Expressions art ministry abroad.

The message behind my work says strongly that God is always speaking, and his love is always flowing! If we listen and take a moment to capture what he is saying - we will find our hidden Gifts activated and flowing in new and amazing directions.

Find more of my Biography @

More Photos and Info about The Shop @

Meet Marie Schram from Triad Homemade Creations...
We work at Triad Residential Solutions and work with adults with disabilities.  They make all of our soaps and candles by hand.
I (Marie) have been crafting most of my life and wanted to expand to soaps and candles. Now we hand make them at work!

Our five year goal.. I hope to have our own store so we will be able to sell and give our clients jobs to work at the store!
The message behind our work is that no matter what disability you may have, you are still able to accomplish anything you put your mind to!

Meet Brian Farmer from B. Farmer Honey...
I am an INTJ personality. I have an insatiable curiosity. I'm a jack of all trades and master of none.  I have around 100 hives of honeybees in the Central Ohio area.  I also grow hardneck garlic and have 1/4 acre of thornless blackberries that I sell at farmers markets. 

I have been keeping honeybees for about 11 years now.. I am in the process of tearing down a church built in 1866 and salvaging materials.  I intend to make reclaimed wood shelves, hand hewn beam fireplace mantels, and other crafts. I like being able to salvage the 150 year old materials and give it new life, rather than seeing it all end up in a landfill.
What inspires me to create? I have to do something with thousands of pounds of honey each year!

How I got into my hobby... 20 years ago, I got a second job helping build folk art Noah's Arks for the Millwood Toy Company.  20 years later, I still cut out all the animals for the arks on my scroll saw.
Much of my woodworking skills are a direct result of Barry Grosscup's influence at the Millwood Toy Company.

I got into beekeeping when I was working as a machinist.  A co-workers dad had a stroke and was unable to take care of his bees anymore.  The co-worker asked me if I would be interested in some bees, and the rest is history.

For craft ideas, I do tons of Google searches, check out Pinterest and Etsy, and I also go to craft and home decor shows to get ideas too.  I also look at what reclaimed and salvaged materials I have, and then try to figure out what to do with it all.

Five years from now I'll still be producing honey in 5 years, and hope to have a farm market store at my property.  I am going to have enough reclaimed lumber from the church I am dismantling to do crafts for the next 50 years.

The message behind my work is that there is no bee-pocalypse.  There is no danger of bees going extinct.  We have more hives of honeybees in America now than we have in the past 30 years.  Don't believe the sensationalist tabloid propaganda the media feeds you about all the bees dying.  There are many successful beekeepers doing great, but good news is not a good news story.  The media finds the bad beekeepers with the sob stories, and portrays it as the entire industry.

I have over 100 beekeeping videos on YouTube, with over 1 million views.

2017 Rocky River Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sat. March 18th (10am-5pm) & Sun. March 19th (11am-5pm)
Rocky River Memorial Hall (Next to Rec)
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on: